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Joko Dolog

It was placed in the middle of Surabaya , exact on Apsari garden, that is on Joko Dolog road. There were many ancient inheritances that were a culture inheritance of Elder parents. One of them is Mahasobya Buddha statue which well known as Joko Dolog. On the base of it, there was a verse epigraphy. It was used ancient Java character and using Sansekerta language. In that epigraphy, has mentioned a place named Wurare, so the epigraphy has called as Wurare epigraphy.

This Mahasobya Buddha Statue was came from Kandang Gajak. In 1817, It has been moved to Surabaya by de Salis resident. In the past, Kandang Gajak was included in Kedoeng Wulan region in under Majapahit domination. In Dutch colonialism period, it included on Surabaya residency, and today, it was included in Bejijong village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto area, East Java .

Nowadays, This Mahasobya Buddha statue which was known as Joko Dolog, has been visited by many people who beg a prosperity. However, following to the base, Wurare epigraphy was intresting because it written several list of the history in the past.

This epigraphy number has shown 1211 saka and has been written by Nada, the servant of Kertajaya king. The epigraphy had a poem with 19 verses. It mainly content can be detailed became 5, there are:

• One day, there was a priest named Arrya Bharad who had a duty to Divided java in two part. Then each named as Jenggala and Panjalu. This territory divided have been done because there was a power struggle between the crown princes.

• Both of that region have been unified in Jayacriwisnuwardhana kingand his wife Crijayawardhani authority.

• The king appointment (who commanded to made an epigraphy) as a Jina with title Cri Jnanjaciwabraja. It was a fact that Jina Mahasobya was established in Wurare on 1211 saka.

• in shoet time, the king succeed on unified the broken regions until reached the prosperous life.

• The appointment of the epigraphy creator, Nada as King servant.

That several facts if combined with other history facts such as Negarakertagama holybook, Pararaton, and other epigraphys would be creating a strange history frames. Before that we cold looking back to the five people which have mentioned in Wurare epigraphy. That five people were Arrya Bharad, Jayacriwisnurwarddhana who called Crrihariwarddhana, Crijayawarddhani, King (who commanded to made an epigraphy), and Nada (as an epigraphy creator).

Who was the king which commanded to create this epigraphy? The truly answer is Kertanegara king and he was a last king in Singosari. In this epigraphy mentioned that he was Crijayawisnuwarddhana and Crijayawarddhani ‘s son. The name of Crijayawisnuwarddhana havebben known as Wisnuwarddhana or Ranggawuni, nowadays. Then Arya Bharad who has known as the king of Airlangga. And Nada have clearly been mentioned known that he was a king servant. Continuously, from th is epigraphy, could be founded the important history facts , as :

In Medang kingdom, that was the last of Airlangga government, exact on 963 saka, has happened the kingdom dividing became two parts. This have been done because of The crown princes struggling. The kindgom dividing has been done by Arrya Bharad, a priest who well known for his supernatural power. It has been done by watered and broke the earth with glowing spout. Both of this kingdom have been bordered with Kawi mountain and Brantas river and each of them called Jenggala and Panjalu. Jenggala kingdom was consisted of Malang region, Brantas river, Surabaya port, Rembang and Pasuruan. The capital city of it, was Kahuripan, in which, it was ex Airlangga capital city. Whereas, Panjalu kingdom has known as Kediri , which consisted of Kediri and Madiun. It capital city was Daha, that it possibly Kediri today.

In Singosari kingdom period, exact on Wisnuwarddhana king government, Panjalu and Jenggala kingdom have been unified under Singosari kingdom domination. Wisnuwarddhana king efforts in unifying them were by made a marriage of his son, Turukbali withy Jayakatwang who the last daughter of kertajaya king from Kediri kingdom. Jayakatwang felt that she was officially heir of Kediri throne, so she was tried in returning her throne.

The action which often trying to return back the throne that made Wisnuwarddhana king wanted in preventing her desire by made a political marriage. That effort was continued with his son, named Kertanegara king who made a marriage between his son with Arddhara, Jayakatwang's daughter.

The facts still proofed that good effoet were not always ran well. Jayakatwanh still tried to fight backthe throne. Kertanegara have been supposed as unofficially person of that throne. The action whicj Kertanegara took for show that he was a official son by mentioned that Crijayawisnuwarddhana and Crijayawarddhani was his parents in that Wurare epigraphy. Beside that, it was mentioned that Kertanegara was a smart king in Dhama and literature, and priest from four islands. He strongly appointed as Jina Mahasobya with Crijnaciwabajra title.

The strongly selection as Jina was to show the domination and his dignity. Mahasobya was a higher Aksobhya God. The naed of Kertanegara as Mahasobya meant that he has characteristic like Akhsobya God and the emanation, there were peacefully, dominate and his unbeaten domination. Whereas the title as Cri Jnannaciwabajra could have meaning that he was an experience person or have experience like Siwa God, and could destroyed an evil for human prosperity.

Beside that, Kertanegara titles were also had a politic background. He would like competed with Kubilai Khan king which elected as Jina Mahamithaba. This competition has appeared because of Kubilai Khan wanted in dominating South East Asia . But, Kertanegara didn't want to surrender. Meng-Ch'I, the representative of Kubilai Khan , wanted for kubilai Khan domination confession, was rejected and asked to went home to Mongolia by Kertanegara king in 1211 saka. All of it have been done exact on Wurare epigraphy's creation in which it stated about domination and dignity of Kertanegara king as Jina Mahasobya. Mahasobya was Jina who dominated eastern part of the wind., while, Mahamitabha dominated western part of the wind. Furthermore, Kubilai Khan has dominated for western region and Kertanegara for Eatern region.

From all of that explanation, could be known that Joko Dolog statue was a realization of Kertanegara king himself. Whereas, the chiseled epigraphy which surrounding the base was contained an important political history value. Mainly, it became the fact that our nation never give up to the foreign colonizer since the past. It was also tried to support the union in upright the power.

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