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Museum Mpu Tantular
(Currently was not again functioned as the museum)

Ex this Mpu Tantular Museum was the development from the Stedelijk history museum in Surabaya that was established by Von Vaber from Germany , that at this time he had become the Surabaya resident. This building stood since 1933, and just was declared on July 25 1937 in Pemuda Street 33 Surabaya.

The concept of this museum construction was to reveal the history of the Surabaya city as the home town by Von Vaber. It presented a cultural Agency that finally was realized in the form of the museum.

These efforts were cleared by Von Vaber and begun by gathering the data systematically as the writing material for the book of "OLD Surabaya" (Surabaya Lama). After this book could be published, the following step was the writing of the book of "NEW Surabaya " (Surabaya Baru) that was published in 1933.

In order to maintain continuation life of the museum then the Mpu Tantular museum was placed under the supervision by the foundation of the Public's Education. Furthermore, was appeared the initiative to hand over this museum to the East Java province Regional Government. The appointment was carried out on November 1, 1974. Further this East Java Country Museum was given by the Mpu Tantular name with the location initially on Pemuda 3 street Surabaya . Because of the increase in museum collection then mid September - in October 1975 this museum was moved to Taman Mayangkara 6 Street Surabaya, that the appointment on August 12 1977.

The ex building in this museum consist of two parts that is the front (the main building) and the backside (the new building). The main building is used for the exhibition that is continued in the new building to the low floor of the eastern part. The upper floor is used for Administration space and Head Space of the Museum.

The new building in the next Western part ground floor is used for the conservation Laboratory (Preparation) and Temporary Exhibition Space, whereas in his upper part is used for the Library's space and Auditorium Space.

The ex building of Mpu Tantular Museum Surabaya is in Taman Mayangkara 6 Street Surabaya, has the strategic location, because between the Darmo Highway and Diponegoro Street and this Location next to the Surabaya zoo.

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